Harry Rutherford's
Festival of Britain Mural

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Travis Street

A picture taken on Travis Street in the late 1920's.

My Auntie is shown far right. She still lives in Hyde at the good old age of 93 !

This picture is of 69 Travis Street  in , I believe, the 1940's with various members of the Etchells family  + friends.

69 Travis Street no longer stands. It is a small garden now. The alley way on the photo is still there though as can be seen on the photo below..


Jeff Sherwin said...

My wife Brenda Warhurst born in 1941 was brought up at #73, she things 69 was the home of the Worthingtons.

Hydonian said...

The Etchells lived at number 69 Travis Street. The Worthingtons lived, if I remember correctly, next door to the Heskeths on the other side of the ginnel.

Anonymous said...

That's a nice northern word - ginnel. Try to explain what a ginnel is to someone from the south. Goodnight Nancy.

Jeff Sherwin said...

Hydonian is correct I'm sure, My memories of the street include my friend from scouting days Harry Snelson,he introduced me to my wife and came to Canada also, Arthur and Nellie Nield, Nelly visited in us in Canada.I found Nelson street an awfully windy journey the many times I walked home to Gee Cross.

Arthur Heywood said...

I have a Newspaper article with a photo of Harry Mullins from 1916 when he died.
if you could send me a email address I will send them.

Unknown said...

My great uncle, thanks for helping me to get to know him a little better