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Saturday, 15 June 2013

M67 Construction Picture

Here are a couple of photos sent to us by David Stafford.

Over to David ...

A couple of pictures taken awhile ago, the first one is constructing the M67 motorway.

The second is of the building of the generator house at Godley Waterworks in the late 1950, showing ICI double chimney.

 Great Photos, David. Thanks for sharing with us :)

I'd love to see more photos of the construction of the M67. There must be so many out there !


Rosemary Gray said...

Great pictures David, prefer black and white to colour.

Varnel Pickford. said...

Two nice B&W pictures, love the M57 one. Pictures like these can be used by later generations because they offer a glimps of a time gone by. They beat photo's of Werneth Low hands down, because Werneth Low today is really much the same as it was 100 years ago.

Werneth Low said...

Don't agree with your comment on Werneth Low, my friend. The construction of the M67 was an abomination, virtually cutting the town in half and is so short that it serves no valuable purpose, unless you consider bypassing Hyde and Denton town centres to be valuable of course. The forever traffic jam at the roundabout at the Mottram end is a joke, unless you're part of it. The road itself has no charm or beauty and trying to compare it with Werneth Low is a non-starter.

Shane Lambert. said...

Nice shot across the motorway, was it taken from near Newton Cricket Club?