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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Disappeared Shops - Holts Butchers

The following two photos were sent to us by Jacqueline and Colin Ridgeway. They show some family of Jacquelines including her Grandfather Albert Ashley Holt who had a Butchers shop on Market Street in Hyde.


Albert was married to Margaret who was the daughter of Amos Winterbotham who had been the former Mayor of Hyde. The shop was supplied by his brother Fred Bennett Holt who also supplied many other butchers shops in the area due to him having Beef cattle and Pigs. 

The war more or less ruined the business for the Holts due to Alberts injuries and food rationing during and after the war. 

The shop later became CAPPERS who also sold tripe.  photo 46427c21-32c9-449d-b022-47d2a8339eec.jpg  photo butchers001.jpg
Albert Ashley Holt was Jacqueline Ridgways Grandfather. 
Fred Holt was Alberts older brother. 

Many thanks to Jacqueline & Colin Ridgway for sharing.
Much appreciated :)


Werneth Low said...

Thank you for this memory, it's lovely. I remember the shop, which stood just lower down Market Street than the arcade, being Cappers. It had the figure of a pig in the window which, I think, wore a butcher's striped apron, and as a little girl going down Hyde with my mum I would always drag her in that direction so that I could look at it.

Marjorie said...

Such family photos are real treasures. We're these taken during WW1?