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by Brian Thornley
May 2015
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Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Iron Bridge

Another great picture from Steve Hill... I know there's a few of our readers will enjoy seeing another view of this bridge.


Hydonian said...

Spent many happy hours playing near this bridge when I was young. I'd forgotten about the stonework and the steps leading to it though !

Werneth Low said...

My dad used to take me to this bridge, but I'm blowed if I can remember where it was! Help would be good.

Tom said...

Werneth Low I think this might be helpful from our last posting .
Iron Bridge Here

I'm sure many people now recall leaning over such bridges and watching the trains

Jean said...

I too have spent many a hour in this wood following through you came to bluebell wood which was lovely in the spring then across the fields to play in the ruins of the Isolation Hospital. Sadly now you can't see the woods for trees.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy great blog, have to find you some pics.

Anonymous said...

The Iron Bridge, memories come flooding back now, if only that bridge could talk, forget about the phonetapping, if this bridge could can you imagine what it would say.

I remember it as being such a beauty, i climbed up it as a child and use to use it as base when playing war, sadly its no more, but like alot of things from my past if i close my eyes i can still see them.

Tom said...

Excellent comment... feel free to write any of your memories as I'm sure they would be well worth reading.

Anonymous said...

This bridge was a landmark for local lads. It was great fun dropping stones ontop of the open coal wagons of the passing trains.

Us lads from the St Paul's Hill Road estate would be chased off by the lads from the council estate, as it was on their territory.

Tom said...

Anon.. I can just see your rival groups chasing each other... great comment ...