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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Gee Cross Motors (Again)

With thanks to Susan Jaleel



We have posted about  Gee Cross Motor's  before , showing one or two pictures of the coaches and a bit of information about them, but I still think these are well showing... It is always nice to receive emails telling us how  much you like the blog.. one such email  this past weekend led to Susan Jaleel sending in a number of pictures for us to use... and the two above are apart of that set. So thank you Susan for your nice comments and for the picture sent.


Dave Williams said...

The second photo's the Sentinel which was featured in the earlier post, but the first one (at the risk of being shot down again) appears to be an AEC with the upside-down triangular badge just above the number plate.

Tom said...

Ha! I was hoping you'd notice that triangular badge... when I saw the pictures with both the badges as you described them it made me chuckle... very easy to mix both models up. Great pictures... I think I'll add these to the other posting as well eventually.