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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Skate Park on Leigh Street

I thought I'd post these photos of the Skate Park that stood on Leigh Street on the site of the old Leigh Street School behind St Thomas's church... Sadly for some, it was demolished a couple of weeks ago and the nearest park of this kind is in Glossop.

Gordon Street runs along the bottom of this view

The familiar red colour of Hyde United stands to the left - Now painted Blue under Hyde FC


Street map showing the site of the Skate Park


Tom said...

It would be easy for me to say how sad this is. I have heard and read about some of the youths it attracted... and I would not have liked to put up with that. What is the real shame here is the fact a small group spoiled it for all the others. Those who used the park as it was intended were not to blame for the trouble.. it was the thugs who would turn up to drink and smoke dope... throwing bottles about and making prats of themselves. It was shut for Health and Safety reasons.... but I can't tell who's health and safety was more at risk. I'd rather the park have been saved and the louts removed and dealt with... the same louts will be causing trouble elsewhere and the ones on Skateboards will now have to practice their sport on car parks, shopping centre and anywhere else they can. Loose - Loose situation

ian... said...

Couldn't agree with you more Tom

Chris said...

Tom has hit the nail on the head, I loved this skate park and have skated on it for years since it opened, then it slowly got ruined, and no one helped save it (adults or council) they could of use the security guar to get rid of the clowns instead of guarding it and keeping it locked up.

Glen said...

Should of never shut down the skatepark, I was there for the majority of my high school years. Shame it's knocked down...

Tom said...

Thanks for commenting Glen... shame nothing as been built to replace it. If you have any pictures send them in..

Tom said...

Hi Chris.... welcome to the blog and thanks for your comment.. places like this will always attract knobheads that spoil it for others... always a small minority yet they manage to wreak the area and get such places shut down...