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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Views around Hyde (6)

Todays view around Hyde is the Sunrise from Werneth Low.
Most people aren't lucky enough to see this as they are working and dont get to go for walks this early.


Thanks to Duncan for this great photo !


Werneth Low said...

Thanks for this. It is so beautiful.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...


Dave Williams said...

It's another of those photos that I wish I'd taken!

Ex Hydeonian said...

An absolute gem of a photo. Love this shot.....makes me feel hydesick. Am stuck in the Australian desert a million miles from anywhere, no green grass, no rolling hills....just mile upon mile of red dirt. Brilliant photo Duncan.

Tom said...

I thought I'd already commented on this.... everyone is right about this shot.. I'd be pleased to put my name to this.. ha! well done Dunc.. I recall meeting you very early one spring morning on Hobson Moor Road... the sky looked as if it was on fire, and the hills were covered in snow. I do miss my early morning jaunts in the land rover.