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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Old Magazine Advertisement

Where Industries Abound


I found this interesting advert for Hyde Business's when I was searching the web for other information.

From an Industrial Cheshire Review circa 1942


Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

wonderful - must be the 1930s I think.

Tom said...

I nearly bid for this a a number of others on Ebay... I quite like this, an advert for the town it self.... I came across this concerning the L.N.E.R. being electrified:

Known as the Woodhead Route. The LNER chose this hilly and busy mainline for its first mainline electrification, with work starting in 1936. Due to the depression and World War II, it was not completed until the 1950s.

This advert would have been in many such trade books throughout the years. I suppose this kind of work went on all the time to bring business to the town.... Do we still have a 'Town Clark?Now it seems all the main factories have shut down and the only businesses to come here are Pound Shops and Take Away's.

Dave Williams said...

The windows fronting Market Street on the right-hand side of the main door at Hyde Town Hall are engraved 'Town Clerk' (the ones on the other side say 'Borough Treasurer'). There was once a Mayor and a Town Clerk, but we now have a Mayor and a Chief Executive AND an Executive Leader of the Council. As far as I know the Chief Executive fulfils the role of Town Clerk, but what the Executive Leader of the Council's role is, I know not.