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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Boy and Barrel (Disappeared pubs)

The Boy and Barrel public house stood at 93 Stockport Road in Gee Cross. It was one of the original Inns in the area built circa 1776.
In Thomas Middletons book "History of Hyde" he tells us of a strange building that was situated behind the pub and near to Gee Cross Fold. It was a type of dungeon used by the law enforcers to keep petty criminals in until they appeared at court. Inquests were also held at the Boy and Barrel, the most famous being for the murder of Thomas Ashton Mill Owner and  the victim of the infamous Apethorn Lane Murder.

The pub was demolished in 1909.

The Boy and Barrel on the right hand side of Stockport Road. The Grapes is at the top of the hill.

Demolition of the Boy and Barrel

Thanks to Paul Taylor for the information.


Heather said...

Is the address above given for the Boy and Barrel correct? The current 93 Stockport Road is closer to Hyde, near to Hyde Cemetery.

Tom said...

Hi Heather..
thank you for commenting.. I will check this out and if it is in correct will update the post.. once again thank you.

Hyde Lad said...

To clarify the query from Heather regarding the address of the Boy & Barrel, the numbering of what was then Hyde Lane, now Market Street and Stockport Rd changed around the latter part of the 19th century. In actual fact Market Street changed twice. Market St originally finished at Corporation St, Hyde Lane then taking over up to Stockport Rd. This then changed around 1892, when Market St was extended up to Tower Street, this changed again around 1910, when Market St was further extended up to Stockport Rd, finally doing away with Hyde Lane. Pubs like the Bush had 3 addresses 56 Hyde Lane, then 164 Hyde Laneand finally 278 Market St. Stockport Rd was changed once somewhere in the middle of this. I have looked back at my original pub research and I had put on the address as 93 Stockport Rd with a note saying old address, but this never got put in the book, blame the publishers. Hope this will clarify the position


Tom said...

Excellent Paul... I also believe that at one time that stretch of road was called Gerrard Road.. I was hoping one of us could throw some light on this.

Dave Williams said...

I've been having a look at this too with the help of (son) Paul and we've found a reference to the renumbering of Stockport Road sometime between 1911 and 1923. The story we found was actually an interesting article about Spout House, and can be found here .

Tom said...

Cheers Dave
Do you know I've read what you link to as well and forgot all about it. Nancy did a post about Spout House... Gay J. Oliver is in our list of contributors. Thank your Paul for his time as well Dave.
I do wish what I learn would stay in my head and remain easily accessibly and not hide away in a corner where I have to dragged it out screaming... ha!

Karen Simpson said...

I've just thoroughly enjoyed reading the link provided by Dave Williams about Spout House written by Gay J Oliver and in the section referring to and I quote:
"Kelly’s 1896 Directory for Cheshire shows that Aaron Daniels is now farming the land, who
changes the name of the farm to ‘Fernbank’." Can I refer also to your link to "Farms" where there are photo's of a Fernbank Farm further round Stockport Road opposite Lilly Street (now demolished)! I think Fernbank Farm would have been correctly numbered as 88 Stockport Rd where it stood prior to being demolished. I would be interested to think what Gay thinks?

Lynda in New Zealand said...

I believe our ancestor James SHAW, who was a publican in the 1841 census, is the James Shaw that was the publican of the Boy & Barrel as listed in the 1834 Pigot's Cheshire directory. I notice there were also two beersellers by the name of Shaw listed in the same directory. Would love to know more about this family.