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Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Pictures From Susan Jaleel



At first we thought this was the lodge to the long gone Isolation hospital... but we have been informed by 'Hyde Lad' that this building is called Iddesleigh, and was built by the Bradley Family, who were a well known Godley family... they owned much of the land around Godley Green...    He also says that the lodge was further back towards Gee Cross near to where Alder School is now... and I think I know now which building he means.  If anyone as anything else to offer concerning the above home or indeed the old lodge or hospital please do so.


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The above picture shows the approximate location of the Isolation Lodge which was situated on Mottram Old Road. It was facing the row of houses.


This photo shows the Lodge itself.
The Gateposts to the houses are still there.


This postcard shows the lodge on Grange Road South.
Is it the same building as the one above? I'm not convinced yet but it could just be the angle that the photo is taken from...


Incidentally , if you look on google maps at the houses on Mottram Old Road I've shown above that I thought were opposite the lodge , then the gateposts look similar to the ones on the "Mottram Old Road Lodge" photo. I know that could just be the style of the time though. (Sorry for the bad quality).

Updated 20/05/11
Dave's Photo's





Here are the photos of the gateposts at Mottram Old Road and of the lodge at Hyde Hospital. The view from between the gateposts looks exactly like the old picture of the lodge which you showed. Just look at the fluting (is that the right word?) on the ball at the top of the gatepost.

Look though at the photo taken face-on of the lodge at Hyde Hospital - I can't tell the difference from the old picture. But my photo was taken from the other side of the entrance to the hospital grounds (not from across Grange Road South - the lodge from that point would look quite different) and I can't imagine that there would have been any gateposts at that point. And furthermore, my photo shows the hospital building (which quite obviously dates from the same time as the lodge) which should be there on the old picture if it were the same lodge.

Hope that clarifies things.


Tom said...

I have come across the following names given to 'Hyde Hospital'

Hyde Borough Isolation Hospital (1886 - ?);
Hyde Fever Hospital
Hyde Infectious Diseases Hospital (by 1929 - ?)
Isolation Hospital (c.1948 - c.1955)

These are the address it had.
Mottram Old Road (1886 - 1905)
Grange Road South was previously called Grange Road, and before that (back to 1905) Back Bower Lane.

Archives for Family History at Tameside Local Studies and Archives Centre.
Hyde Isolation Hospital (DDH2, 1888 - 1948),

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

The photo above is I think of a place near the top of the Green Lane.

When TMBC wanted to build Alder School, one of the objections was that is was being built on what was formerly grounds of the Isolation hospital (part of Hyde Hospital) and there may well be remnants of infection diseases buried there. I took a lot of photos of Mottram Old Road at the time for the objectors website but the website is dead and I can no longer find my original photos.

Tom said...

Cheers Gerald
I'm hoping to get it confirmed that this building was indeed the Lodge for the said hospital.. I remember the argument forwarded by some objectors about the ground still being contaminated... I don't know if it was or not... but I had a lovely young nephew went there.... but left the school as a cocky teenager who delights in tormenting me... I often wonder if he's been 'infected' ha! (only joking Josh)

Hyde Lad said...

I can categorically say that this is not the Lodge to the isolation hospital. It is known as "Iddesleigh", which I think was built by the Bradley Family, a well known Godley family who owned much of the land around Godley Green. The lodge was further down towards Gee Cross on the same side, around where the school is now.


Hydonian said...

The Lodge to the isolation hospital was where the entrance to Alder High School is now if my memory serves me correctly. I may have a photo of the path before Alder.....watch this space :)

Tom said...

Excellent update Nancy.... that's the picture I was thinking about...

Werneth Low said...

The house in the first two pictures is indeed Iddesleigh. My apologies for the misinformation given by me originally. However, I don't think the 4th picture is the hospital lodge either. My recollection is of a 2-storey building situated, as you say, much further down Mottram Old Road towards GX. John Ashton, a lad who was at Holy Trinity School at the same time as me in the 50s, lived at the lodge with his mother, who worked at Aspland. It would be good if someone could come up with more information on the lodge.
Incidentally, when Alder Hey School was being built, I understood that the objections were about the preserved newts which were resident on the site [and whose removal cost the council a small fortune]. Never heard anything about infectious disease lying dormant!

Hydonian said...

Wasn't the lodge on two levels? It was quite a steep hill that lead down to the hospital if my memory serves me correctly and i have an idea that the lodge was below road level, too - might be wrong though? Hope someone can clear this up.

westarsteve said...

the 4th picture down looks more like the hyde hospital lodge on grange road which is still there i think

Hydonian said...

Hi Steve , I've posted a couple more photos connected to the "lodges"....What do you think?
I'm sure we'll get to the bottom of it eventually

Tom said...

I'm with you and Hyde Lad on this one Nancy.. I think this is Mottram Old Road.. On Grange Road the houses are further across... Mottram Old road is quite narrow concidering.

westarsteve said...

hi hydonian am not sure now ha ha but i suppose they could have been built by the same builder as hyde hospital have a fever ward at one time where patients were wheeled out onto the veranda in the snow to try and get rid of the feveri must admit though they look very similar

Hydonian said...

I should imagine the same builders built both Lodges, Steve ,would you? They do look extremely similar dont they!

Dave Williams said...

I've taken some photos of the gateposts on Mottram Old Road and of the lodge at Hyde Hospital which I'll email to you. It certainly looks as if the lodge in your picture was on Mottram Old Road, but just look at the photo I took face-on of the lodge at Hyde Hospital - allowing for alterations which may have been made over the years I certainly can't tell the difference between them!

Anonymous said...

I worked at Hyde Hospital for nearly 30 yrs,

I admit the lodges are very similar.

I have seen that they plan to sell land of Hyde Hospital to someone to build houses.

This will be the old ESMI unit and Ward 4 the other wards were demolished when they built the nursing home.

Ward 4 was the TB Ward. We were warned by the "old timers" not to venture into the cellars underneath Wd 4 as in the old days the staff scrubbed the bare floorboards and "smuck" might have gone down the cracks. Wonder what will happen when they demolish it.

I used to love working on Ward 4, there were more patients so we had three staff at night instead of 3 but if someone did not turn up on another ward they took the third person and it made working on there very hard with just two.

If you google these days to see what is left of Hyde Hospital watch for the cross shaped building which is the new nursing home built over where Ward One and Three were. Ward 2, the showerblocks and mortuary were at the back and now are car parks,

Tom said...

Thank you for your comment and information too... I have heard the land as been or was being sold for housing.