Hyde Name Origins.

The name "HYDE" is derived from the hide, a measure of land for taxation purposes, taken to be that area of land necessary to support a peasant family. In later times it was taken to be equivalent to 120 acres .
May 2015
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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Hare And Hounds



When these were taken I should think that Walter Mansfield would have been in charge.... and when I say in charge, that goes for the customers as well. 
There was no smooching when Walter was around... and if caught couples could expect a warning over the P.A. system.
Picture taken by the late Alan Heelis.


Hydonian said...

There was something very quaint about the Hares and Hounds in the Walter Mansfield era... anyone remember the bells that you could press to get waiter service?

JohnT said...

Yes I remember the bell pushes in the Hare and Hounds, (They're still in The Grapes but obviously not functional).
I'm not sure about the first picture being from the Walter Mansfield era, I don't remember food being served, apart from Smiths crisps with the little blue paper twist with salt in!
I do remember we used to call him the Mayor of Gee Cross!

Tom said...

You could well be right with the the dating John... maybe they were after Walters time...