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Friday, 18 May 2012

Otto Monsted & the Birth of The British Margarine Industry.

The following letter, article and photographs were recently sent to us by Anthony Broomer.I have printed it in full as it is very informative indeed. 
Anthony is the Grandson of John Broomer who we have mentioned previously  on this blog.

I hope you can read the family trees - I'm afraid I can't make them any bigger to show on here. If you have trouble,click the image which should make it bigger,fingers crossed. 
viewer1 copy

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I'm sure you'll find it as interesting as we did ! ab1copy ab2copy ab3copy ab4copy ab5copy ab6copy ab7copy ab8copy ab9copy ab10copy ab11 copy

Thanks so much for sharing it with us, Anthony. 
It's wonderful to get some proper history behind one of Hydes' long disappeared firms. :)


Tom said...

Excellent post Nancy.... and thank you Anthony

Anonymous said...

Pleased to see this post, it is nice to see some history of the families etc along with the photos


Anonymous said...

Superb post.

I wonder if the double-photo of the outside of the factory is available in a more close-up versions?

I would love to see the detail of the building and its surroundings.

Anonymous said...


Go to tameside archives and in the search box put in Godley Factory you may find a photo there

www.tameside.gov.uk/archives /imagearchive


Anonymous said...


Thank you