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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Hyde Grammar Class Photo 1973


CLASS OF 1x 1973

Fresh Faced First Years, Back row-Paul Kennedy, Steve Jenkins, Phil Greaves, Robert Stokes, Bryn Meredith, Nigel Ashworth, Andrew Davies, Martin Twist. 
Middle Row-Mark Browne, Dave (Tonka) Nield, Ray Potter, Peter (Bert) Etchells, Tez Harrison, Des Etchells, Neil Clayton, Dave Seddon.
Front Middle Row-David Rhodes, Steve Moss, Guy Shorrocks, Derek Chappell (teacher), Ian Molyneux, Alan Nicholson, Ian Pickering. 
Front row-Andrew Parker, David Hollinghurst, Carl Phillips, Crispin Trueman, Steve Beeley and Shaun Turner... 

What are we all doing now? With special thanks to Bryn Meredith who helped with the names


Myself Mark Browne, with Andrew Davies and Mr Chappell

I have a lot of memories from my time at Hyde Grammar School if I am honest not all happy but I do remember that looking back, Mr Chappell was a kind dedicated enthusiastic teacher I think he might of been newly qualified thus the form photograph which I think he organised himself

If my memory is correct the then current government announced the closure of Grammar Schools in the mid 70s and Hyde County Grammar School was gradually closed to new intakes from around that time and eventually became Clarendon Rd Sixth Form College although I may be wrong about some of the latter details, I had left the school and the area in my 5th year at the school around 1978

I am a regular visitor to Hyde and Gee Cross visiting my nan (she is 93 and still sharp as a tack) I was amazed to see the old sports field and tennis courts are now home to the Police station

Thank you to Mark for sending in this post.

Today we received an email off the teacher on the photo, Derek Chappell, who sent this message...

Hi Everybody!

By sheer chance, I landed on your home page and found myself staring at myself at the photo of the boys in Form 1x of 1973 at Hyde Grammar!

I still have that original photo here at home in Munich, Germany where my wife and I have lived since 1980.
I have often wondered what has happened to these boys and if any of them should see this mail of mine then I enclose my e-mail address to which they can write at any time: all mails would be very welcome.
Many thanks to the people responsible for posting and I really look forward to hearing from any of the boys of this Form 1x.

with all best wishes from Munich

So,  if anyone would like to get in touch please drop us a line at hydonian@gmail.com and we will give you Dereks' email address.


Hydonian said...

There are a few familiar faces on here !

gloskeith said...

It was a nice surprise to see this photo.

I wasn't in this class - I was actually in the year above at Hyde - but Derek Chappell taught me (I think it was French) and I remember him well. He was a really nice guy and a terrific teacher.

Can I just make one small correction? The lad on the second left of the front row is not David 'Hollingsworth', but David Hollinghurst. I was in the same class as David's brother, Simon. We all lived in Charlesworth.

Coincidentally, my parents recently came across David in Dorset, where I believe he is running a garden centre.

Keith Hursthouse, Bristol

Hydonian said...

Thanks Keith, I have amended it now :)

David Warburton said...

Just viewed the photograph of Derek Chappell. Yes, he did teach French. I was in the same form as Keith Hursthouse. More than 40 years ago - time flies!

Colin Taylor said...

Hi ...wow few faces to remember on this post.
I was in Ma davies form in 1974 and was not party to this form photo as was in a different form. Be great to see if any photos of other forms could surface from this time as I have non from my time at the school. Steve Thornton, Phil Roebuck, Pete welsby, Shaun Buckley etc were all in my year.