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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Pole Bank - Past and Present

 Two views of Stockport Road as it passes Pole Bank.

Pole Bank was once the family home of the Ashton Family. 
The Ashtons were among the earliest cotton pioneers in Hyde. From 1800 they worked as a family business with mills at Gerrards Wood and Wilson Brook at Godley. Six brothers were involved in the business which, as well as coal and cotton, also established the calico printing works at Newton Bank

Thanks to Elsie D. for sharing the top photo with us.

circa 1910

Circa 2010
Thanks to Google Maps.

1 comment:

Tom said...

I read in the Advertiser that 'Friends Of Pole Bank' met last Saturday and had a good hold clean up... The pond as recently had a great deal of money spent on it... and the quaint little bridge in the woodlands as been made safe and is back in use.
I have stated here before that I spent must of my school holidays playing in Pole Bank... I loved the woodlands and the gardens. Long may this remain.