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Friday, 11 May 2012

Gee Cross Social And Sports Club


3 - 5, King Edward Road, Gee Cross

I think this was taken in the late 1980's when the club was doing quite well. 
I have had a few good nights in here and attended a wake or two. It was such a busy place at one time. Saturdays always sounded great when I walked by - there was always much singing and merriment until late :)  They used to have some decent acts on there, too.
I heard it had been sold and plans were in place to rejuvenate it though I should imagine that the plans will include knocking it down and building more houses on the spot.
Another sad loss to Gee Cross.

Picture taken by the late Alan Heelis


Lizzy said...

I've seen it for sale, but it seems odd as it is advertised as land for sale, but then mentions a building on it? I did hear someone was interested but that seem to have fallen through. Might be an opportunity for someone if the Werneth is closing.

ceecee said...

I was the stewardess here for a while in the late 80s/early 90s and as you say there were some really good acts (turns ) on. many a good night has been enjoyed in this club. When I was there the beer cost around 38p a pint. It was also around this time that the committee decided to change the name from Gee Cross Labour club then people wouldn't think it was politically orientainted

ceecee said...
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Tom said...

I always knew as the Labour Club... I'd heard it had been sold to a local publican... but that might just have been a rumour... it will most likely be pulled down and housing built there..
The Apethorn on Knott Lane closed it's doors last week... but I have now heard that it might be reopening again real soon.
The Bay Horse is now shut and boarded up... it had not been doing well at all for a while, which was a shame as the couple who were running it were local and well liked.

Anonymous said...
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Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

I vaquely recall sometime before it closed there being notices on nearby lampposts about an application from the club for an extended license or something - I suspect it lost the application and that led to its demise.

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