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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Hyde FC Open top bus parade around Hyde

 Some photos of Hyde FC on their open top bus parade through Hyde.
These are taken from near the Shepherds Call on Market Street !

Thanks to Dave for these photos!

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This one was taken as they passed Lilly Street.
Nice to see the trophy held aloft! (It's a bit blurred as the sun was behind the bus).


Passing the Clarkes Arms on Stockport Road.

If anyone has any more please send them in to us so we can show them :)


Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz, great to see the massive crowds out for them (top photo). Well done the Lads.

Tom said...

Well done Dave for the pictures... and well done to Hyde.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

I caught them on Dowson Road - pics here and here

Anonymous said...

It was a pity that it was such a cold night and that it clashed with the FA final, which really should kick off at 3pm.

Hydonian said...

I dont think the players minded, looking at their faces. There was quite a good show outside most of the pubs on the route, too :)
Were there many at Ewen Fields to start them off on the parade,does anyone know?