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Friday, 4 May 2012

Missing Pictures

Certain pictures on the site are not showing up... they will be back on or after the 7th on May.  All the pictures we show need to be stored on line... we have a number of places to do this and one such place as over used it's band-width.  I'm looking at a cost effective way round this.



Graham Boote said...

Hi there all, cant you guys allow limited advertising on the blog....or can you do a "Wikipaedia" and appeal for funds to keep the blog going? I for one would be happy to make a small donation to help you guys out..

Tom said...

Graham that's very kind of you... but I'm sure it will not come to that... and if we allow adverts I can now longer call it a 'not for profit' blog... some folks who let us use their picture will do so because we don't make money.. Once we hit a certain number of visitor we got bombarded with request to link to their sites.. I keep away from all that...

Graham you are a star for offering my friend... :O)