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Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Cheshire Cheese.

The Cheshire Cheese which stood on Market Street circa 2006

Used to be one of the great pubs of the 1970s for characters and atmosphere , along with the Church Inn which also stood on Market Street.
Now both,sadly, no more.


John Taylor said...

Has it gone? I have been touring all of Hyde on Google street view this past week. According to their pics it was still standing in 2008?

My grandad drank many a pint there with L.S. Lowry it was his local living in Syddall street just around the corner.

Sad to hear it's no more. I was amazed at the number of take aways on Hyde lane, must be over 2 dozen! :-)

Just below the Cheshire Cheese (in the recess) was a tiny shop that sold the best pints of Sasparilla in the world. Always called there after a good swim at Hyde Baths in Union street. Oh, for a taste of that sasparilla now.

Tom said...

I spent far to much time in here... when Jim Cuthbert and his wife Val ran the place.. Poor Val was one of Shipmans victims.
Johnthe shop that sold the sasparilla was I think Fitzpatrick's and the family is still selling they wares but alas not in Hyde. http://www.mrfitzpatricks.com/product/sarsaparilla_cordial/

John Taylor said...

Wow that's it Fitzpatrick!!! What a memory. Thanks Tom.

Sorry to hear about Val Cuthbert having been one of Shipman's victims, terrible indeed.

When Grandad used to go in there the landlady was called Mrs. Higginbotham L.S. penned many a sketch of her. If only we had known to save them!!!


Tom said...

I never knew that LS. Lowry drank there.... but do know that Harry Rutherford spent time in the Cheese and one or two other pubs.. he was known for sketching the customers and staff... we had quite a collection behind the bar when I was living and working in The Albion..

Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz. Wow, Fitzpatricks, Like John I used to come out of the Baths on a freezing winter evening and straight to that little shop for a hot Sarsaparilla to warm me up. That was in the late 50s.

John Taylor said...

Yes, Barry in Oz, about the same time as me. 1957 to 1961 in fact. If I concentrate I can still taste it :-)

I am busy checking out the site Tom gave me. Maybe I can get a few crates sent over for Xmas. Cheers!!


JohnT said...

I remember Fitzpatrick's before as Togo's. Toasted current teacake and a a pint of sasparilla!! When I went to the baths on Sunday morning the only place open then, from memory, was Meschia's. Same again, hot toasted teacake but with a glass of hot Vimto to warm me up.

JohnT said...

By the way you could buy 'something for the weekend' there as well;-)

Tom said...

Hi John..
Do you mean from Meschia's. ... are you sure you were not just sticking a cone on the end of it... ha!
Sorry I couldn't resist it...

Gianni Zazzarino said...

I had a pint with the famous singer Tom jones in the Cheshire cheese once, many years ago, and i got his autograph for my mum lol :)

Hydonian said...

THE Tom Jones was in the Cheese, Zaz????
What was he doing in there (besides having a drink)?

John Taylor said...

Tom Jones in the Cheese? Well "it's not unusual" :-)

Tom said...

John Taylor... classic... thank you for making me laugh out...

JohnT said...

Hi Tom
I'm a wafer man myself, but without raspberry.
No, you couldn't get 'something for the weekend' at Meschia's but I remember the red faces in Togo's / Fitzpatrick's. Happy days.
By the way, The Cheshire Cheese used to serve a good pint of Boddingtons if my memory serves me well.

Tom said...

Ha! ha!..
Yes it was a Boddingtons pub... to be honest with you John it is something that I'll never be able to forget.... When I was 18 or so I thought it would be a great idea to have a tattoo of a Boddingtons beer barrel, with the word Boddingtons wrote though the middle... at each side was the name Val and Jim... the land lady and landlord... and to top it all of above the barrel it says Cheshire Cheese Hyde..
Now that's daft enough you might think... but I went one better and had it done on the top of my head... the Cheshire Cheese as faded a bit, and so as the Boddingtons.. but Jim and Val are still doing well as are the Boddingtons bees on the barrel.
It made it even funnier when I started to lose my hair in my early 20s... :O)

Lizzy said...

That's how my sister recognised you in Hibbert's Tom!

Anonymous said...

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