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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Hamnett Street /St Pauls connection

Whilst doing some research into St Pauls Church origins I discovered that it was started in an upstairs room in Solomon Wagstaffe’s Ironworks on Hamnett Street in 1848. This whetted my appetite to find out where on Hamnett Street the firm was.

I am relatively sure , given the help of tithe maps and street maps of that time, that the room was above what is now the Abbey Bank building. The date on the side is relative to when St Pauls started and also to where buildings were situated in 1848.
If anyone has any information that would help to (dis) prove this research then we would be happy to show it!


Situation of buildings on Hamnett Street in the tithe maps of 1836-51
 (Hamnett Street is sometimes spelt Hamnet Street on old publications.)


Tom said...

Well done on this Nancy.. often wondered about that date stone...

Tom said...

The front of that building can also be seen in the header Nancy.

Hydonian said...

I'm still not 100% on it Tom but it seems to point to it being the works in question as there weren't any other building on Hamnet St at that particular time. Still looking for more evidence on it :)

Tom said...

I'll have a look myself Nancy... I'd not heard of Solomon Wagstaffe's Iron works before.. and that date stone as always intrigued me..

Tom said...

One more thing Nancey... The Albion pub as always had an Irish connection as long as I've known it. Even little clues such as this could be helpful... maybe some of our readers can throw some light on this.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

When I asked about this sign in May 2009 someone said the building used by the UCP cafe but that would have been later.

Dave Williams said...

If you go into the Tameside picture archive and type 'Hamnet Street' it comes up with a few images, one of which says that the sign at the top of the building as shown in your header said 'Progress Supply Ltd'. There's also a couple of pictures showing a 'North Cheshire Herald ' office in Hamnet Street, and an advert for a firm of funeral directors.

Tom said...

Cheers Dave..
I know the pictures you mention. I remember the North Cheshire building.. or at least I recall a printers being there. When I was around 11 - 12 that building was derelict and of course was fair game to have a look at in our dinner time from Greenfield Street School.. I came away with a lot of the printing blocks... and give them to the art teacher... I wish I'd kept them now. Fowdens funeral directors as been there donkeys years as well. My granddad on my mothers side had a Tailors shop next door to there... He lost a leg in WW1 and was trained to be a Tailor by a Jew from Manchester. The family lived above the shop. When granddad as working.... he would ask for a cigarette to be lit.. my mum or aunty would light his cigarette.. Capstan Full Strength he smoked. That was how my mum started smoking.. at 9-10 years old. I lived on Hamnett street for a while myself later in life when I ran the Royal Albert..