Harry Rutherford's
Festival of Britain Mural

Sunday, 9 January 2011



I couldn't help but notice something on this photo of the Floodmark that is on the site of Gibraltar Mill, that Dave very kindly took for us recently.

If you look closely to the right hand side of the floodmark it looks like a figure of a woman sitting there spinning - A ghost of Gibraltar Mill perhaps? Spinning long after the mill ceased to be?

What do you think? Can anyone else see her?


Dave has zoomed in here to try to highlight her.


Tom said...

Well spotted Nancy.... all I could see at first was a white mark... which might/might not of resembled the head and shoulders of a woman facing the brick work... not very good at all I thought.... then I noticed what I think you have noticed Nancy... as this figure got her back to the brickwork?

Hydonian said...

Yes, the figure is sitting with her back to the brickwork, Tom - looks like someone sitting down ,their head bent ,as if in work mode.
Spooky! haha ..

Tom said...

Pete Parrot takes some great pictures like this.... he as a knack for seeing shapes, figures and such like. He took a load of pictures under Manchester Road canal bridge... the rain was falling and as it was dropping from the bridge it was splashing in the water... he zoomed in and captured what looked like LS Lowry people, and one looked just like a dolphin jumping from the water. If I can find them I'll post on Face-book for you to look at.