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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Postcards from Werneth Low.

Here we have two postcards  sent in by John T. Such beautiful countryside.
Thanks for sharing them with us , John :)


Mottram Old Road

Mottram Old Road, photograph by Dave Williams

Harrop Edge
Unsure of the exact dates but obviously before the Hattersley overspill estate was built and that should put the date at the latest,  the late 1950's/early 1960's.

Harrop Edge, photograph by Dave Williams


Tom said...

These are very good Nancy.. thank you John for sending these in... if anyone else as any others we would love to show them.

Dave Williams said...

I'll try to get a present-day view from these angles when the weather improves a bit.

Tom said...

It's certainly to wet today Dave.. the top one reminds me of the picture you took that was in the Advertiser the other week.

Anonymous said...

I moved up to Hyde in 1957 and the view was spectacular.By 1963 there were tower blocks dotted all over. With all the house demolitions ,it looks like Hattersley is now going back to how it once was.

Tom said...

Thank you for commenting Anon
Hattersley was a 'blot on the landscape' when built, but one only has to cast an eye around and imagine the views without Hyde, Denton, Haughton, Woodley Bredbury, Stockport, and Manchester.. What a different place it must have been then. Hattersley might be loosing its Tower Blocks.. but how long before some of the fields and pastures below this great hill are built on. Harrop Edge in the distance as changed in the last few years through quarrying and radio mast.. if a bypass is built how will that alter the views.. it is not just a new road... but the land on either side of it will become fair game for developers. Progress is not always for the better, and can Tameside Council really be trusted not to sell out to big named developers... I think not.

Tom said...

A big thank you goes once again to Dave for his photographs which as allowed us to compare the views as they are today.