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Monday, 3 January 2011

Looking up Stockport Road


Looking up Stockport Road from outside the Ring o Bells pub.

Notice the Zion Church in the background on the left. Hidden away ,just lower, is the Clarkes Arms (just visible by the sign above the shops)! The Bakers Shop eventually became Worthingtons Hardware Shop!
Looks like it was a busy community judging by all the shops . There are only 3 there now - A chip shop ,a barbers shop and a sweetshop - the rest are houses now!


A fantastic comparison shot here from Dave Williams..


Tom said...

It's a shame these kind of communities died out... they may have been small but were a very important part of the 'make-up' of a Hydonian. We only have to see how many comments and visits we are getting from far and wide ... so far we have folks stopping by from 62 Countries... each one as their own memories of a certain part of Hyde that will forever stay in their hearts. What as been enlightening about this blog is to find so many more people who are proud to be from Hyde, many still living here now and willing to speak well of our great town... Here's to Hyde and all who have lived and are still living here, may the town and it's people enjoy good fortune in 2011.

Hydonian said...

Love the comparison shot ,Dave!
My old stomping ground ,this :)