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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Old Map

Stockdale's Map 1794


John Stockdale 
" The Book Selling Blacksmith

John Stockdale was born in Cumberland, so not a Hydonian, but I'll forgive him for that, seeing as he published this map. He was raised as a Blacksmith like his father,  and become Valet to John Astley of Dukinfield. He married Mary Ridgway, who was a native of Roe Cross, Mottram In Longdendale. Mary was sister to James Ridgway, a well-known publisher of London. He had met Mary in the Dukinfield Moravian Church. 
I came across him by chance when reading up on John Aikin's  'A Description of the Country from Thirty to Forty Miles round Manchester'. (1795), Originally this book intended to be an account of the neighbourhood of Mottram-in-Longdendale, with which Stockdale had personal acquaintance. I'll not go on about his life story, which is worth a read... but I wanted to show this map. It happens so often while researching one thing I want to post about, I end come across something else.  


Hydonian said...

I haven't seen this before ,Tom. Thanks for posting !

Tom said...

It's nice to see that some of the names are still with us.. Talbot Road shows as Muslin Street.. I don't know anything about the 'Water Engine' on the Tame... that might get a bit of looking into when I've got the time. ..

Dave Williams said...

The map doesn't seem to be terribly accurate in respect of the course of the river and the canal, but there's a weir in the river just past the boarding kennels at the end of Lambeth Grove in Woodley, and judging by the position of the 'Water Engine' relative to where the canal goes under the Hyde to Stockport road it looks like that's where it is shown to be. We once lived on Talbot Road, incidentally, and a lifelong friend of Beryl's parents always used to refer to it as 'Muslin Street'.

Tom said...

Hi Dave.. I just can't think were it could have been.. I know there was a 'wire works around there..but that was near Ivy Cottages on the opposite side of the Tame as shown... I've walk the banks of that river on both sides many times but can't remember anything it could have been. Now you have mentioned the Kennel I'm reminded of the noise that was made if I was walking down there and do not know that stretch as well as the rest... Just checked an old map Dave and it shows a 'Wood Mill' at the end of Lambeth Grove.. I think you have nailed it there Dave.. ;o)