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Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Brunswick, George Street.

The Brunswick or "Brunnie" as it was more commonly known stood on George Street and was established in 1843 by John Wood. In 1891 the Brunswick was described as a fair House with beds for five people and was owned by Annie Wilkinson. The Brunswick had a large concert room at the back and this was used as a music hall for many years in the 1930's- 1940's. The room was later used by many organisations including budding pop groups and weightlifters amongst others.
Next door to The Brunswick is Allotts Removals firm. A familiar site in Hyde for many, many years. Does anyone know if they are still operating?


(Number 22 is the site of the Brunswick)

Thanks to Paul Taylor for the information and Nick Clarke for the photograph.
Much appreciated :)


Anonymous said...

With great thankyou's to Paul Taylor for information and Nick Clarke for a great photo
I've been searching for a photo of the Brunswick,this is where my Mother met my Father
who had a dance band and came from Sheffield, played a few times here in the 30's.dont know much about my father's band? also thanks to Nancy and Tom for a great place to find information on my home town now in Suffolk.Barry

Tom said...

When this was being pulled down, Trevor Grimshaw (one of Hyde's many artist)rescued the windows... these were kept in his back yard. I wonder what happened to them after his death? I think Trevor would have approved of our blog... he had lots of stuff 'rescued' from demolition sights around Hyde... Street signs from long gone buildings. I wish I'd taken pictures now.

Tom said...

Hi Barry... Thank you for commenting.. glad we have all been of service and helped put another piece of the jigsaw in place.

Anonymous said...

I have some photos of buildings that were popular gathering places here in Brookville. Nice photos too. And the city bought the property and tore them down. One was made over into a parking lot. You would think we get more that two or three cars a day in our downtown area. Seldom see three cars on both sides of the streets at any time.

Tom said...

Hi Abe... thanks for the comment... I've enjoyed many of your posts about your home town.. and the series you did on your time in Japan will live with me always... thanks for visiting

Catherine Marsden said...

Brilliant, lived on Cotton St before moving to Bradley Green in 1974. Was only talking to friends the other night about The Brunswick and The Star etc, not that I was old enough to drink in them but also remember The Salvation Army and Sunday School

Tom said...

Thanks for commenting Catherine... I'm surprised you remember them myself... I still think of you lot as teenagers calling me slaphead at Lowry's ha!

sharon said...

i used to live in the Brunswick from 1968 until they knocked it down to build the motorway my father is peter hardy he was the landlord and my mother beryl hardy was the landlady lots of fond memories from there

Tom said...

Hi Sharon
Thank you for your comment... any pictures from that time would be great..

Chris Allott said...

Hi - Re Allott's Removals...I have some ancient history and photo's..started in 1908. many years in George Street until they moved to Grafton Street when the compulsary purchase of George street land for the bypass happened. The family firm was sold on the retirement of my Dad, Cliford, and his brother, Charlie, in 1988. The Allott's Removals name has been renewed by a firm working from Bennett St. ( but they have blue vans instead of the red ones!