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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Hyde Cemetery Chapel.


I heard that Tameside Council are going to demolish this beautiful building shortly - hope I heard wrong. It's the last of three churches that used to stand within the cemetery grounds. The top one was originally the Church of England building. the middle one (and last remaining) is the non conformist chapel and the bottom one was the Roman Catholic building.I'm not sure when the other two building were demolished but the following aerial map from the 1970's still shows them standing.



Tom said...

I hope this dose not go... they would only need to build something in it's place.
I see that the old Castrol Works on Furnace Street Flowery Field is now being considered for housing... The Globe Inn that was... is now at the planning stage for 2 houses. House being built on King Edwood Road as well, and it I heard right Hyde Hospital is ear marked for housing. Ha! and the building trade is supposed to be on it's knees... not in Tameside it seems.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

Demolition of the chapel would be a travesty - it appears to have been strengthened in recent years presumably to withstand vandalism. The loss of Hyde Hospital is probably inevitable.

Tom said...

Hi Gerald.. it would be a travesty... I'll try to confirm this and report back. As for the hospital it might be inevitable... but with all the housing going up at the moment where are these folks going to get into a doctors, dentist, will it mean more school places or schools? What about bin men to empty all these new bins. More side roads not to grit.. The housing will also mean encroaching toward green fields and woodlands.. Ha! any how that's my rant over for this week...