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Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Day Hyde FC Lost 26 - 0

Hyde FC  hold the dubious record for the biggest ever competitive defeat in English football when they were beaten 26–0 by Preston North End in a match at Deepdale in 1887. Deepdale is recognised as the oldest professional footballing site in the world so if Hyde FC were going to lose properly then why not here!

Here is a newspaper cutting describing the game. The cutting is from the  newspaper ,The North Cheshire Herald ,or just plain old Reporter to most , dated October 1958.


Sorry about the quality but remember it's over 50 years old!

Thanks to Helen Hodkinson for allowing us to use this. It's very much appreciated.

Below is extracts from the Souvenir Programme




Anyone with an interest in football is able to reel off certain facts. They can tell you the first winners of the FA Cup, the record goal scorer for their team, who got the most caps for England etc.etc. A special favourite however is Hyde’s 26-0 defeat at the hands of Preston North End 100 years ago, on October 15th, 1887. The game was played at Deepdale  and has taken on legendary proportions. People will tell you that Hyde’s players were drunk or that the referee lost track of time, but press reports of the time bear out none of this. Preston, just about the best club in the world at that time wanted the game played in midweek so they could complete their scheduled fixture with West Bromwich. Hyde declined, so the ‘Invincibles’ fielded their strongest side. A match report would be pointless – those published merely gave a list of who scored each goal. For the record, Dewhurst got 3, Drummond 2, Jimmy Ross 7, Graham 2, Thomson 4, Gordon 5, Jack Ross, Russell and Goodall got 1 goal each. The half time score was 12-0. There is evidence that the first substitute appeared in the match… even if he was illegal and unofficial. After the 3rd goal in the 17th minute Hyde’s centre-half  ‘Bowers’ left the pitch injured. Later another player took his place, against the rules, but Preston were not complaining …. They were winning 12-0! Astonishingly, Hyde’s best player was goalkeeper Charles Bunyan who is reported as having been “a clinking good opponent”. Later he became a coach in Belgium and was a major force in establishing soccer there. Hyde did eventually get their revenge in 1891, winning 3-1.

Extract from the Reporter, October 16th, 1987.



Tom said...

Excellent post Nancy, I have never read much about this so enjoyed reading the cutting for the 'Reporter'. I have a Centenary Replay Program 1887 -1987 a brief description of the game.. it also states that sadly no picture of the Hyde team of that game as come to light.. but there is one of the Preston side.. I can add these later if you want?

Hydonian said...

Yes that would be great Tom! Thanks :)

Dave Williams said...

I notice the last name in the list of Hyde players (the number 11, or left-winger) is 'Hodgkinson' and our contributor is 'Helen Hodkinson' - any relation? (Together with a typographical error somewhere along the way?)
Preston North End, of course, were relegated from the Championship to Division One (or from Division Two to Division Three for those of us who can't understand why the Third Division should be called Division One) at the end of the current season - serves them right!
The biggest defeat in a major British football competition was Arbroath 36 v Bon Accord 0 at round about the same time as the Preston v Hyde match. I remember reading a story about that match some years ago which said that the referee had disallowed 7 further goals by Arbroath, not for any breach of the laws, but because he felt sorry for Bon Accord. People might say that no present-day referee would allow his feelings to dictate the way he refereed a game, but Sir Alex Ferguson might beg to differ!

Tom said...

Seems there will be many happy red and blue supporters today.. Well posted Nancy... perfect timing.

CHARLIE said...

I dont know if you have noticed, but the newspaper cutting states that Preston scored 12 in the first half and 16 in the second.
Thats 28 goals!!! Or am I missing something?

Tom said...

I've read that a few times and not picked up on it... well spotted Charlie..