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Friday, 6 May 2011

Request from Canada

We have had a request from Gay King who lives in Canada... I think between us all we can point her in the right direction... and I do not need much of an excuse to show a picture of Captain Clarkes Bridge.


Gay as this to say:
 What a great website! It is my husband’s side of the family that comes from Hyde so he is now at his computer looking through everything.
I have just started again to do research and would really appreciate it if one of you could point me in the direction of reports of a Coroner’s Inquest in 1909.  The story is that on New Year’s Eve 1908 my husband’s great -grandfather had a snootful and while walking near Captain Clarke’s Bridge on the Peak Forest Canal he accidentally fell in and drowned. Below is the transcription of the death certificate where it says that an inquest was held 2nd January 1909. Would you be able to tell me what Hyde newspapers would have covered such things in 1909? I would imagine the reports themselves are long gone.  Would such newspapers be online somewhere?
The death certificate for 1909 in the Sub-district of Hyde, in the County of Chester, for Registration District of Stockport reads
When and where died: Thirty first December 1908, Peak Forest Canal near Captain Clarke's Bridge, Hyde U.D. 
Name and Surname: Alfred Bradley 
Sex:  Male  
Age: 57 years 
Occupation: Hatter (Journeyman) of 70 Charles Street, Stockport 
Cause of death: Asphyxia from drowning resulting from accidentally falling into the Peak Forest Canal at Hyde.


Signature, description and residence of informant: Certificate received from A. E. Ferns, Coroner for Cheshire. Inquest held 2nd January 1909
When registered: Fourth January 1909.
Signature of registrar: J.W.Barron, Registrar.
Thanks very much for reading this! Hope you can help.


Tom said...

A good place to start is Local Studies and Arcives, http://www.tameside.gov.uk/archives they are very helpful and I think these will be able to offer some help. The Newspaper of that time would have been the North Cheshire Herald/Hyde Reporter and I believe that the Local Studies and Archives Unit (linkabove) keep copies dating back beyond 1900s on Micro Film.

Tom said...

Just had an email sent from 'our' Dave.. which included a very interesting link. Here concerning an inquest and coroners report.
Cheers Dave

Gay said...

Yesterday I emailed Tameside MBC with a request for a look-up of the coroner’s inquest report as might have appeared in the North Cheshire Herald and much to my amazement received this morning a copy of the newspaper article! What amazing service!

There are no surprises in the inquest findings but what is nice is that two of his brothers are mentioned in the article including the address of one.

A very happy outcome for me!

Thank you all for all your help!


Tom said...

Great news Gay... glad we could be of service to you..