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Friday, 27 May 2011

Hyde Lads Club Plaque 'Update' 2, And a New Book


Our friend JohnT, as been out and about with his camera this week and sent in this  picture. John say's
I attach a photograph I took today of the new fence around the Hyde Lads Club's reinstated memorial stone and plaque.  A big thank you to those who arranged for the protective fence to be installed.
Thank you John... and we agree whole heartedly.



I was told about the book a few months ago when we did a posting about Gib Mil. Last week I recieve an email which said:
 A few months ago when I told you about the book my mother and l wrote about her childhood in Haughton Green between 1909 and 1923, when she went to work at Gibraltar Cotton Mill at the age of 14. You mentioned that you might be interested in putting a post on "Hydonian", as some of your readers would be interested in it. I have now finished editing the handwritten book she left to me and I have self published it. If any of your readers would like to buy a copy, I have a website  www.haughtongreendentonhistory.co.uk. To access the website you need to type the web address into the top box on the computer, as it will be many months before Google will pick it up. I have attached pictures of the covers with a summary of the book. The book is called "Where's Our Lizzie" by Lizzie Barton.

Born in 1909. Lizzie gives an account of her childhood in Houghton Green, near Denton, in the old county of Lancashire. Back then, Haughton Green was a very different place than it is today. It was a rural community dependent on local pits, the “Gib” Cotton Mill and local agriculture. She started to in her eighties and finished it just before her death, which occurred just two days short of her 99th birthday. Even at that great age she had total recall of the tiniest details.

Sometimes poignant, often hilarious, it contains comments about a lifestyle, attitudes and customs of the early 20th century from the viewpoint of the 21st. It is a first-hand social history, set against such historical events as WW1, the Spanish flu epidemic and the miner’s strike of  1921.
I for one will be getting a copy... I've always had an interest in the "Gib" mill and will enjoy reading about that.. and I am reliable told it contains stories which have a bearing on Hyde... particular how Lizzie would set off with a basket under her arm and a shopping list  to visit Hyde Market on a Saturday evening to pick up bargains as the Market was shutting down.



Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

to make that link work you have to put http:// in front of the www . and no full stop at the end either http://www.haughtongreendentonhistory.co.uk

Tom said...

Cheers Gerald I had not checked the link... For some reason I'm having no luck with the link... so I've give up on it and just stuck the normal link in... I'm having a bad week this week... ha!