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Saturday, 11 June 2011



In 1897, Alderman John Norman, Mayor of Stalybridge, first proposed a joint tramways and electricity scheme, but it was not until two years later, in 1899, that progress on the idea was made. Hyde and Dukinfield had already applied to build a tramway between the two towns, when, in September 1899, they were invited to join with Ashton-under-Lyne, Stalybridge and Mossley in a joint undertaking. Although Ashton-under-Lyne Corporation was willing to be involved in a joint tramway scheme they were not willing to participate in a joint electricity scheme and consequently withdrew from the discussions. By October 1899 the four towns had reached a formal agreement and the Stalybridge, Hyde, Mossley and Dukinfield Tramways and Electricity Board was formed.

I would like to thank Peter Gould and his stunning Local Transport History site for the above information and being allowed to link back there.


Tram Ticket

I would like to get as many pictures and story's as I could about this company...  I have many happy memories of the 90 and 30 buses... I was saddened when the conductors were done away with.


Thanks to JohnW for this picture

There used to be a conductor/clippy on the 30 bus who was a rather loud large lady that would have the passengers in fits of laughter with her banter... as soon as we got on the bus and saw this lady we knew we'd be getting off with a smile on our faces... 
On the 90 bus as it was turning up Knott Lane we would jump off as it slowed for the corner... I miss timed it many a time and went flying... another time I did it perfectly... but my mum was coming out of the Spar shop and clipped my ear for being a 'Stupid Boy'.. 


Dave Williams said...

You were saddened "when the conductors were done away with", Tom? You make it sound like one of Stalin's purges!

Tom said...

Ha! I do get carried way at times...