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Friday, 1 July 2011

Adverts from 1898

The following are taken from some old newspapers that were lent to us by the Zion Congregational Church.
I've just scanned them as they are hence the quality....remember they ARE over 110 years old !

The Reporter April 1898





and finally ...


"Must sell family grave ,hold five" ha ha!


Tom said...

What crackers these adverts are.... and how interesting to see Hyde Football Club ground mentioned.. and in the match report above it there's mention of the referee being a Mr. F. Hampson from Gee Cross. I wonder if the Hampson family are still in the area.... or any of the others.

Dave Williams said...

F. Hampson rang a bell with me, but on checking Google I find that the one I remember is the Frank Hampson who created the character of Dan Dare for the Eagle comic. Interestingly he was born in Audenshaw, and he's commemorated by a blue plaque at 488 Audenshaw Road. Wonder if he's any relation to the one in the newspaper cutting?