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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Market Square


I think this would be late 70s or early 80s.... not sure when maybe someone could put a date to it... I was 50/50 on this set-up ... I prefer the Market on this ground... but did enjoy sitting about watching the world go by.  If you have any pictures of the fountain or the giant rubbish bin that it turned into we would appreciate a picture of it and add it to this post.


Anonymous said...

got to be seventies when we were at school,
the car is a morris oxford or austin cambridge and is coming out at the lights by natwest which has been one a way along time. and look at the blokes trousers.


Tom said...

I still wear trousers like that Mark ;o)

johnR said...

Late Seventies early eighties I worked at E Peart & Co ltd and used to sit on the back of the benches with my work mates watchiung the world go buy wonder if anyone as pictures of the fountain as a bubble bath lol

Levi said...

Yikes , i remember the fountain in Hyde with all the rubbish in it , didn't it have seats cut into one side of the surrounding wall . Remember my mum getting 215 from Glossop to Hyde , and our first stop was always Finefare , then the long market up to Tesco , hated using them underground toilets , haaa

Tom said...

Levi thanks for commenting... yes those toilets were not the best...

Anonymous said...

LOL, Yes, the Market Place fountain has passed somewhat into legend.

From my very earliest memories of it in the late sixties, I can never remember seeing it working.

And to say it became a 'giant dustbin' is being very kind, as far as I can remember it became the biggest urinal in Tameside.

Many a drunk on his late night pub crawl through the market would stop to 'top it up'.

On many occasions during our dinner times out from 'Greenie', we would climb across to the rocks in the middle and sit there like idiots eating our meat pies.

Occasionally, we'd try to push one another off into the sewerage, and any unfortunate loser would have to spend afternoon lessons with one soggy foot, stinking the classroom out with the stench of some drunks bladder infection (!)