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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Hyde Town Hall


This photograph shows Hyde Town Hall with the chimney from Greenfield Mill in the background.
Is this part of the Sunday night promenade where "respectable" Hydonians decked  in their finery to demonstrate married 'felicity'  (married bliss)  to all and sundry? Promenading usually included a walk up to Godley Arches or the like, acknowledging contemporaries on the way. No pubs !


Dave Williams said...

Quite possibly, Tom. It was known as the Monkey Walk, wasn't it? It was also used by the younger folk to meet members of the opposite sex, and apparently many a happy marriage resulted. Hyde Town Hall to Godley Arches is a fair hike and you can't imagine many people, 'married bliss' or not, undertaking such a 'stroll' nowadays. It reminds me of the story of the father whose young son grumbled at having to walk a short distance instead of being taken in the family car. "That's no distance to walk", said the father, "when I was your age I thought nothing of walking two or three miles on a Sunday evening." "I don't think much of it either!" replied the son.

Hydonian said...

Hi Dave, It's me , not Tom !
It was probably the only thing they had to do in the early 1900's... haha

Have you any idea of the date this photo was taken?

Dave Williams said...

Sorry Nancy! Tom had said he was preparing a post about the Town Hall and I didn't look at the name, I just assumed it was his. As far as the date of the picture goes the only thing to go on is what you can see of the clothes being worn, and I think you're right about the early 1900s - certainly pre-First World War. I think the Town Hall opened in 1885 and I don't know the date Greenfield Mill was demolished. Is that Greenfield Mill you can see to the right of the Town Hall in the header to the blog? That photo certainly dates from about the same time as your picture.