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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Stockport Road Views 2


Another great picture sent in by Eric..

Any postcards or picture you would like to share with us are most welcome, don't worry if we have shown them before as they are always worth seeing again and will bring memories back to others.

Updated by Dave 13/07/2011


As the junction looks today.


Werneth Low said...

Ive given details of this picture before! The pub on the left was the Red Lion, long since gone. The house next was lived in during the 40s/50s by Alf and Maggie Bright, brother and sister. Alf was well known as the road sweeper in GX. Next is what was the Co-op which was really two shops in one - butchery on the left and grocery on the right. This building still stands, though altered and extended, and is now Tesco Express or whatever. The house next to the Co-op is Acorn House, 226 Stockport Road, the home now of Brian Orpet. It was lived in by his grandparents originally and his grandfather, Fred Brian, ran a business from the yard at the rear, but I'm blowed if I can remember what it was! The gable-fronted small building just beyond the tram was always a mystery to me as a child. I remember that it was once an upholsterer's workshop but then it fell into disuse for many years. The two stone cottages in the far distance are Nos. 218 & 220 Stockport Road. I lived at 220 until 1965 and my mother until her death in 1967. No. 218 was, until about 1969/70 a ladies outfitters/haberdashery shop, run by Brian Orpet's mother and aunt, Mrs Hilda Orpet and Mrs Beatrice Lowe. Following its closure it was converted back into a house. From Acorn House down to the Werneth was known as Acorn Hill.

Tom said...

Thank you again for commenting and providing such great information on this area..

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