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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Union St Congregational Whit walk.

Here is a delightful photograph that was given to my Mum by a Mrs D Burdekin who lived on Norfolk Street.
It shows Zion Congregational Church walking up Market Street  in the Whit Walks. I believe Mrs Burdekin is the lady looking after the children.


It took a lot more than a spot of rain to spoil the walks. as you can see by the huge turnout!
I have no date for this photo yet so if anyone out there can help , please leave a comment below.

Thanks to D Burdekin for the photo.


We were contacted by Gordon Burdekin who tells us that he believes the photo was taken in 1960 and it was Zion Congregational not Union Street Congregational, which I have amended. His Mother is holding the hand of his sister Pamela who is aged about 3.
Many Thanks, Gordon. :)


Dave Williams said...

I'm no expert on women's fashions, but the style of the lady's clothes suggests to me late 1940s/early 1950s. Everything else about the photo says early to mid-1960s.

Jean said...

The lady in the picture is Mrs Burdekin, the boy to the right is her son Gordon and the girl in front of him is his sister Hazel. According to local B.M.D.Gordon was born in 53 and Hazel 54.

Tom said...

Thank you for that Jean.

hazel said...

Jean is quite right Im Hazel born 1954, and that young boy is Gordon my brother, Val is close by and mum is holding my youngest sister Pams hand, Its 1960 and Were walking with Zions Sunday School, were just about to turn at the William and Glynns bank, to go round the back of the Town Hall, and walk past where Boots is now, to enter the market ground ready for the service. Happy days.