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Friday, 29 July 2011

Church Brow Gardens

This postcard shows the allotments that used to be behind St Georges Church. They were known locally as Church Brow Gardens. I believe there are still a few in existence.


Up-dated with pictures 29th July 2011
 by Dave Williams 



Dave says:
Here's a couple of photos I took today. The first one's from just in front of where the church is in the picture, and I had to lift my camera up above a fence to see what was on the other side. The second photo is from near the end of Woodend Lane just before the railway bridge, and looking back towards the church. It looks pretty desolate, but there's what looks like a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig and some hens (and I seem to recall a duck or two when I've passed previously) on one of the allotments.


Tom said...

It was one of these that my dad and his two friends kept and race their pigeons from... Also I am told by my friend Jack Cheetham that Green Field Street School had an allotment here.

Dave Williams said...

There's that many trees there now that you can't really tell what's there any longer, but I think it's like the monsters under the bed when you're a young child. You know they're down there somewhere, but you never really manage to catch a glimpse of them. I've taken a couple of photos and I'll email them to you.

westarsteve said...

hello tom a neighbor of mine had a pen as they called it his name was jimmy etchells he used to race pigeons from there as well he spent most of his time down there

Tom said...

Hi Steve... I recall him.. and his son Jim who's a few years older than me.. My dad was his friend... saying that most of the 'pen' holders were friends as well as competitors.. Race day I was banned in case I made to much noise and the birds wouldn't land and be 'clocked' in... ha!
In fact I have just remembered that it was Mr Etchells, Jack Warburton, (Warby) and George Higginbottom that helped to built a pigeon loft in our back garden... it was not used for pigeons but converted to breed rabbits in. I bet I was only 4-5 when it was built ... I remember it was snowing when it was being put up.

Hyde Lad said...

Hi everyone
I live quite close to "Church Brow Gardens" as was, but it is now very far from the idyllic photo above. The area now is a complete mess, most of the allotments have been abandoned, with sheds and greenhouses in ruin, the area has become a tip for all sorts of materials. The footpath, locally known as the black path used to be a pleasant little walk to Woodend Lane, now I would rather walk round the long way than venture on it. The council have been made aware of the situation many times but don't seem to be that bothered abouit doing anything about it.
Let's hope it can be cleared up a bit in the future.

Petrus said...

I doubt if allotments have changed much in the last eighty years - some may have running water now but the general character is still the same.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

looking at Dave's pics the ones just by Wood End Lane have gone but others further down the bottom of the valley seem to be doing quite well.