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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Holy Trinity School

Holy Trinity Infants


We have been contacted by John Taylor from S. Africa.. John has commented on our Greenfield Street School post, and has sent in these two pictures. 
John himself is not on the class picture but has named the ones he knows. He is still in touch with John Dutton but would love to know the whereabouts of the other three particularly Malcolm Brierley who's family owned Godley Green farm and supplied milk all over Hyde & Gee X. 


Picture showing Malcolm Brierley & Timothy Kay.

If you remember John from his days in Hyde please let us know, and if you know the whereabouts of his old school friends he would very much like to get in touch with them.

Thanks for the photos, John - much appreciated!


Werneth Low said...

The school photograph is not of Greenfield Street Infants - it's Holy Trinity, Gee Cross. At a guess, I'd say these children were 2 years below me, ie. the Class of '58. I can recognise some of them - on the back row between the arrows showing John Dutton and Tommy Mellor, the boy with glasses and a V-neck jumper is John Wilde and on the end of that row to the right is Pat Knowles [she lived in the prefabs at Lord Derby]. On the 2nd row from front L-R are: Margaret Outram, ?, Jean Swindells, Sheila Bagshaw, Janet Etchells, ?, Collette Matley, Joan Whittaker. Don't recognise anyone else. I think it was Tommy Mellor's dad who owned Godley Green Farm and who delivered milk all over GX - he brought it round on the tractor in a churn and you took your milk jug out. In Kensington Street, Mr Mellor would let the kids ride on the back of the tractor while he drove down the hill.

Tom said...

Hi Werneth Low.. I will go and check the email now and make sure I didn't get it wrong.. hopefully John can throw some light onto this.

Werneth Low said...

I wondered if he'd actually said it was Greenie. When I looked first at the picture it was early morning and I thought I must be half-baked because I could clearly see people I knew and I never knew anyone from Greenfield St primary.

Tom said...

Just had an email for John and he says you are of course correct 'Werneth Low' it is Holy Trinity..

Anonymous said...

There's a John Warburton plays bowls at the Grapes, I'll ask my dad about him... Elizabeth

John Taylor said...

Thanks anonymous. I remember going fishing with Warburton he was a master. He could catch fish in a drain he was so good. We often went to Marple lakes, him, John Dutton and I. Walking miles & arriving so early it was pitch dark, Before Dutton and I had assembled our rods Warburton was pulling them out! He had a great sense of humour too.