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Festival of Britain Mural

Monday, 19 September 2011

Unknown Football Team

 Here we have an unknown Football team.
Looking at the extreme right I can see a building that looks like the front of St Thomas's church on Lumn Road. If this is correct then the team must be on land that belonged to the Lumn.

Can anyone elaborate further?



Can anyone see the resemblance with the photo of St Thomas's below?

A very early photo of St Thomas the Apostle

The Lumn circa 1875


Thanks so much to Angela Robinson for the fabulous photo.
I'm looking forward to showing more that she has very kindly sent us very soon.


Tom said...

It looks as if it could be Nancy... Angela as sent in some great stuff..

jenny roberts said...

The chimneys behind could be from Boston and Highbank mills, they are in the right place.

Anonymous said...

I read, a while back, that the architect used an unusual angle for St. Thomas's roof - and the angles do seem to match. I'd say the photograph was taken from somewhere near Nelson St./Douglas St.
Could the football team have had a connection with Norths/Slack Mills?