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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Greenfield Street School photo

This is a photo we received from John Kenyon via email. 

It shows Greenfield Street School in 1960.
John has also sent us a list of the boys names which is very helpful !


Top row Left to right John Cooper. John Kenyon. Trevor Heywood. Duncan Hollows. Eric Headock. Brian Oldham. Barry Rothwell. Peter Crawford. 

3rd row left to right Eric Wildgoose. Adrian Kershaw. John Webb. ? Wilkinson. Sam Mills. Michael Robinson. Malcolm Sutton. Barry Gaskell. Lincoln Delve. 

2nd row left to right Brian Simpson. ? Richardson. Stuart Day. Stuart Taylor. Andrew Garvey. Michael Allan. James Dunlop. Roy Collins. Bill Mills. Alan Hodkinson. 

1st row left to right Ken Holt. Alan Oldham. Alan Morton. Peter Lomas. John Mason. Brian Wainwright (teacher). Raymond Clark. Alan Norgrove. Bob Shires. Martin Gould. John Hallam. 

Missing from class photo are John Fawcett and Trevor Grimshaw.  

Thanks John, much appreciated ! :)


Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz, Lincoln Delve I know, and I believe Trevor Grimshaw moved to Floweryfield secondary. Some faces are familiar, I used to play footy against them.

John Taylor said...

I left in 1960. Mr Wainright Tech drawing & woodwork. Very stern but fair. Wielded a nasty thin cane with relish!!