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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Stewart Wilson Car Dealers

I'm not sure whether or not it was the opening of the Stewart Wilson Car Dealership on Clark Way, but these photos were taken on 10 November 1984 when they had arranged for a Williams (no relation!) Grand Prix car and a Lancia rally car to be on display outside the showroom. I took our children, Paul and David, down to have a look.

The two cars parked outside the showroom and looking across Clark Way towards Ashton Brothers

David (in buggy) and Paul wondering what the funny car was (it's a 1983 Williams FW08C)

This is a 1983 Lancia Martini 037 rally car. Paul looks very thoughtful.

I seem to remember 4-wheel drive cars and a lot of alloy wheels in the showroom when Stewart Wilson occupied it. It's currently empty and up for sale by auction.


Tom said...

Excellent Dave...
There must be others who went to such openings and promotions... I wonder if anyone recalls when Red Rum turned out in Hyde town centre to open a bookies..

I remember this selling 4x4... they had a few Hummers in... and then the Wheels seemed to appear over night and it never seemed to be open. My younger son worked here a short time when a company did fibre glass work or repairs.

Rock ape said...

I'm sure i'm wrong but i've always thought that KISS, the American rock group opened Finefare!!!!!! Where that comes from i have no idea!!!!

Anonymous said...

What I first remember of Stewart Wilson, was from about 1980, when I bought a CB radio power pack from his little shop on Market St, which from what I remember was located about where Brooke Surgery is now.

He used to sell car batteries, car radios, and other auto parts.

Also, at the time the CB craze was happening and he stocked CB stuff to, all at very good prices.

Before he had this shop, I believe he started off by selling tyres, and fixing punctures out of his back yard.

I remember thinking at the time that it was a very quick, and big jump from selling auto bits & bobs, in a small pretty bland shop, to a purpose-built, dazzling showroom, selling high-end gear.

Wonder what he's doing now ?

Lizzy said...

KISS did open Finefare! It might have been a tribute band though!⚡⚡

Maloney said...

It was Derek Nimmo who opened Hyde's super store Finefare in 1976

Tom said...

Ha! never forget a Kiss Elizabeth...

Rock Ape said...

Derek Nimmo was never in KISS?!!!!!

Hydonian said...

Derek Nimmo opened FineFare or Hyde Dept Store as it was first known. KISS did indeed appear there - I met them and got their autographs on KISS Masks lol x

Anonymous said...

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