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Thursday, 14 June 2012

School days revisited.

This week we received this from Lee Brown via email.
Over to you, Lee....

"Hello Team, I thought these photos from my wife's days at Leigh Street School in the 50's, might be of interest to readers of the blog. In those days she was Judith Anne Allen, nowadays Judi Brown. She is still in touch with Judith Hazel Allen, who now lives in Ashton.

 Names that she can recall are as follows" :-


1959 - Back row L to R :  ?   ?   Denzil Grimshaw   ?  Paul Carr, David Trelford.
            Next row  ..   ..   :  ?   Trevor Armstrong, Stephen Hampson, Judith Hazel Allen, Patricia...  Dorothy Hampson,  ?  ?  ?
            Middle row   ..   :  Linda Buckley, Anne Carles, Rebecca Curran, Carol...,  Lesley Walker, ?  Pauline Hitchen,
                                          Stella Gerrard, Pamela Robinson,  ?
            Next row  ..   ..   :  Christine Hamer, Wendy Mellor,  ?   ?   Gillian...,  Judith Anne Allen, ?    ?  Susan Pedley.
            Front row ..   ..   :   ?   ?   ?  Donald Hague.


1957 - Back row  L to R :  ?   ?   ?   John Smith  ?   ?
           Next row   ..    ..  :  ?   ?   ?   Pauline Hitchen, David Trelford,  ?   Stephen Hampson,  ?   ?
           Middle row  ..  .. :   Judith Hazel Allen, Lynne Carles, Stella Goddard, Pamela Robinson, Lesley Walker, ?   ? 
                                           Rebecca  Curran,  ?   ?   ? 
           Next Row,    ..  .. :   Wendy Mellor,  ?    ? Christine Hamer,  ?   Gillian ....,  Judith Anne Allen,  ?  Helen...
           Front row    ..   ..  :    ?    ?   Donald Hague,  ?


1956 - Back row left to right: John ?  ?  ?  John Harrop,  ?  Ian Taylor, David Trelford.
           Next row   ..    ..    ..   :     ?  David Pearson, Judith Allen, ?  Lynne Chandler, Jean Alexander, ?  ?
           Middle row     ..    ..   :  Christine Hammond, ?   ?  Elaine Gordon, ?  ?   Agnes Daniels,   ?   ?
           Next row    ..   ..    ..   :     ?  Beryl New,  ?   ?   ?  Dorothy Slater,  Christine Hamer, Dorothy Hampson.
           Front row   ..   ..    ..   :     ?   ?  Nicholas Langridge, Geoffrey Andrew,  ?  

As usual, if anyone out there can help fill in the blank names please don't hesitate to get in touch with us so we can update the post !

Thanks Lee and Judi for the great photos. :)


Denzil Grimshaw said...

After looking at the 1959 picture and checking with my sister we have come to the conclusion that the third boy from the left on the top row is me Denzil A. Grimshaw.

Hydonian said...

Thanks for contacting us, Denzil. I have put your name to the photo now! Always nice to put a name to a face. :)
Please don't hesitate to contact us again if you can help with any more names !

Keith said...

1956 photo, top row third from left is me (Keith Oldham - now Dalby-Oldham) and I'm pretty sure I'm standing next to John Hefford (not Harrop). I think next to him is Terence Swindells and on the end is John Telford (not Trelford). Lynne Chandler was known as Linda at school. To the right of Jean Alexander is Patricia Quinlan and on the end is (Stephen?) Bates. Next to Elaine is Christine Swindells. First seated row to the left of Beryl New is Jane Halsall. To the left of Dorothy Slater is Ann Rothwell. Front row left I think is Graham Lees and next to him is (Steven?) Griffiths. Somewhere on here should also be Martin Robinson, Christopher Drewitt, Brian Mason and William (Billy) Campbell. I'll keep looking

Keith said...

1956 Top left - John Hampson

Keith said...

Further to my comment above, Christine Swindells should read Christine Burgess. My apologies but it is over 50 years ago!

Keith said...

1957 I'm back row 3rd from left and 1959 back row 4th from left. Always on the back row - lol