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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Aeriel View from Gee Cross Mill

 The following was sent to us via David Barlow

"This might be of interest to you Hydonians.....Early 1980's panoramic  picture of  Cross Cliffe and Daisy Bank cottages at the bottom of Apethorn Lane. The picture was taken from the top of the now demolished Gee Cross Mill.  Across the fields and in the distance you can just make out Pole Bank Hall. "


This unusual picture was taken by Karl Barlow.

Thumbnail for bigger view. 

Many Thanks, David and Karl .
Much Appreciated  :)


Tom said...

Great view... I only wish I owned a camera back then... the amount of time I was on that roof... Once and only once me and Tony Collins went into the water tower and opened the trapdoor to the outside, the view was stunning... but very very scary.

It is nice to see the fields and woods which I explored in my childhood... Thank you for bring back lots of happy memories of my sometimes mis-spent youth... ha!

Karl b said...

Glad you liked it tom..spent alot of time in the mill taking pics in the 80's will dig them out might be of interest..I also went up the the tower brilliant view and yeh scary! sure i took some pics from up there..

Tom said...

Karl thank you... I look forward to seeing them... I can't place you but wonder if we know each other..

Karl b said...

Don't think we've met tom but like you spent alot of my childhood around the fields and woods in the pic...

Anita said...

:Lovely to see the cottages on Apethorn Lane ,we bought one of the cottages on Apethorn lane in 1963 and lived there very happily with our baby son for a few years , we did alot of work on it and it was very much loved .My husband used to cycle along the canal path to work each day untill we bought a car ...happy memories thankyou so much Anita....