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Monday, 19 November 2012

Some disappeared pub names

The Globe Inn - 93, Lumb Road, Hyde.

The Crown- 171, Market Street, Hyde.

The Cheshire Cheese - 138, Market Street, Hyde.

The Bricklayers - 26/28, Reynold Street Hyde.
What a sad sight to see.


Anonymous said...

I always thought that the Brickies was on Travis street. You learn something every day !

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

The address of "Iceland" is Travis street but the store map http://www.shopping-time.co.uk/SK14/Hyde/Iceland-Hyde-301-Travis-Street,21067.html#vmap puts it on the other side of Union Street - but that same map appears to indicate that the name change to Reynold Street starts from Beeley Street not Crook Street.

Dave Williams said...

To the left of the Bricklayers as you face it is a gateway leading to the parking area at the side of the building. On one of the gateposts is a sign saying:


Google Earth seems to agree with Gerald that Travis Street starts at Beeley Street, but if that were so I would have thought that Iceland would actually be on Reynold Street. The telephone directory shows Iceland to be on Travis Street which appears to suggest that Travis Street starts where the road bends opposite the Iceland car park.

'Chomok Bhavan', by the way, seems to be Hindi - is there anyone out there who can tell us what it means, or is it just someone's name?

Hydonian said...

I've looked at a tithe map from 1836 and it appears that a building, where the Bricklayers building was, was at the end of Reynold Street before Travis Street was built.
That appears on maps from around 1875.
So, The Bricklayers WAS on Reynold Street and The Ritz/Iceland buildings stood on Travis Street ! :)