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Sunday, 18 November 2012

North Cheshire Herald/Tameside Reporter

The Tameside Reporter 'died' for a short time after the issue of 13th September 2012, but was resurrected on 25th October 2012. The 'North Cheshire Herald & Hyde & Glossop General Advertiser' as it was then named was founded in 1853 by George Booth, and Gerald England in his 'Old Hyde' blog on 4th April 2008 showed a photograph of the offices of the newspaper as they were in 1910. I wonder what George Booth would have made of the recent trials and tribulations?
In Hyde cemetery, close to where the chapel which was demolished earlier this year was situated, is this gravestone:
George Booth died in 1863 at the age of only 46, just ten years after founding the 'North Cheshire Herald'. His wife had died thirteen years earlier at the age of only 34. It looks as if his son-in-law Robert Higham took over the running of the newspaper on the death of George Booth as the inscription on the left-hand side of the one above shows:
Robert Higham died in 1905 having served as editor and joint proprietor of the newspaper for 'upwards of 40 years' and George Booth's daughter outlived her husband by nearly twelve years, dying in 1916.


Darius said...

One of the most interesting post for weeks, a real piece of local history.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

great research there

jay johnson said...

I totally agree, a really interesting article. It's a nice autumn day, if you can, put your coat on and have a walk around Hyde cemetry. It's a wealth of local history. You never know you may find some missing relatives! I have been doing my family history and it's filled in a few gaps for me.

Tom said...

Excellent post Dave... great information and pictures..