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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Cartwight Street 'Little Soldier' (Part 3)

I called in to the Town Hall yesterday and found the old statue where it was when I photographed it last year. It's at the top of the stairs which face the main doors on Market Street.
This is a close-up of his head and comparing it with the photo in the Tameside Image Archive I've got to say that, as Mo says, it does look a little different. The different angle of the head might be explained away by the head having been knocked off several times and the restoration works could have eventually changed the angle. I must say though that the cap looks a little different and the thought crossed my mind that on some occasion when the head was knocked off it may have disappeared and a new one had to be made - but if this is so I don't ever recall hearing about it.
Here's a close-up of the hat badge for Barry - it looks like it could be the Cheshire Regiment:
For Werneth Low, here's the memorial for Evelyn Rose Welch:
You'll see it's "Tipperary League", not "Guild" and I've found this information about it, which doesn't really explain what it's all about as it refers to "Tipperary Rooms" without explaining what they are, but I've found this on another site:
"During World War 1, new regulations creating obstacles for women who wanted to drink, socialize in the pub, or work in pubs were challenged as discriminatory towards women, mainly by the militant suffrage society, the Women's Freedom League. Charlotte Despard and other activists made a deputation to the War Office, and otherwise engaged in lobbying activity against both direct and indirect restrictions. But this was more a civil liberties campaign than a direct challenge to the medico-social spectre of the female inebriate. Indeed the WFL, while defending women's right to circulate in the public space of the pub, also opened feminist temperance hotels (the "Women's Tipperary Rooms" and one establishment known as "the Despard Arms")."


Werneth Low said...

Brilliant, Dave, thank you so much. If the statue was there in February, I cannot believe I missed it! Still, I'll be over next week so will pop in and make his acquaintance! He does have quite an old face.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave, great work :)

Werneth Low said...

If the rough means foul language, rudeness and racism, then okay it's a cliquey blog of decent folk who love Hyde and its people. If you live in Haughton Green, there isn't a lot of point looking on here anyway.

Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz. Jeez, who rattled your chain ? I think the Admin staff do an excellent job moderating the site. It's their site, they pay the bills, they make the rules. If you have issues with the site and the way it's run then the answer is simple. Leave. No one is twisting your arm to stay.

Dave, many thanks for the photo's, I still have serious doubts about the cap.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

wilf writes " If the Admin staff don't like some of the comments they shouldn't be running a blog that is going to attract many opposing views"

if the blog can attract "opposing views" it must be doing something right else it would be ignored.

if the "opposing view" is something sensible then it might be worth knowing and debating.

but if it is only non-constructive criticism then it is merely useless hot air and the critics should create their own blog and use that to slag off whomever they choose to.

Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz. Wilf, As a moderator of one of the biggest websites in Oz I know what wind up merchants, malcontents and miserable sods with nothing else to do but stir the pot can do to harm a site by causing dfiscontent. this is a case in point. I left Hyde 5 years before migrating to Oz when I joined the RAF, after that I decided that I didn't like the way the UK was going so opted for a different life for my kids. I still have a very soft spot for my hometown though, sentimental I know. Now, take another 'Miserable pill' put your dummy back in your mouth, climb back into your pram and leave us 'Proud Hydonian Brown noses' to enjoy a discourse with like minded folk.

Hydonian said...

I have removed some comments so if the reading of the remaining ones seem disjointed this is why.
I can't believe that people actually take time to come on here to moan about what a bad job we are doing.
If we offend you so much then please stay away.
This is a nice happy site and whether it is 2 or 20 thousand who enjoy it it doesn't matter.
We are NOT running it for people to put on non-constructive/ rude or racist comments which is what the ones that are deleted are .

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Well done Hydonian. I have no time for internet Trolls who bring nothing substantial to the table and who snipe from the the sidelines behind the safety of a computer. As a Mod on my Aussie site I have the power to ban any IP address permanently so Trolls and trouble makers get short shrift. I also have a 'Yellow card' where I can suspend trouble makers for a period of time and a 'red card' when they are banned for good. This is a great site full of like minded folk who are friendly, informed, intelligent and on the subject matter, extremely informative. There is no backbiting, back stabbing or politics here unlike many other websites. Let's keep it that way.

Tim. Newton said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Werneth Low said...

I find comments such as this deeply distressing, but feel sympathetic towards their perpetrators as it is obvious that they are disadvantaged in life and unhappy if all their pleasure is derived from hurting others..

There are no morons running this blog - if there were then the blog would afford them the freedom to debate racism in Hyde and other distasteful topics. The people running this blog have one thing in common - they love and care deeply for Hyde and seek to build it up rather than to destroy it. And they give freely of their time and expertise to keep it interesting, sometimes when it's hard to do that because other things are happening in their lives. I give thanks for these people on a daily basis.

As a matter of interest, there are countless people (myself included) who were born and brought up in Hyde but left many years ago to follow careers or on marriage, people who have never lost touch with the town and who have, in times of despair as in the Hattersley goings on and the Shipman outrage, have shed bitter tears for their hometown. Do not assume that everyone who left did so because they labelled it a dump.

If you don't like Hyde or wish you were anywhere but within its boundaries, I see no point in your accessing this site. Please leave us in peace

Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz here. Tim, Marvellous isn't it, one Troll starts to spread dissention then other Trolls slide out from under their rocks and join in. In all the months I have been viewing this Blog I can't recall ever seeing a single post from you or your Troll mates, but you must pay regular visits scrolling each post waiting for the opportunity to pounce and start slagging people off. Maybe you and your ilk find it impossible to find Shangri La but I can say in all honesty that I have found mine. You do not know where I live, my lifestyle, my family and financial circumstances etc so cannot possibly make a comment except from a position of total ignorance.
Instead of whining about the blog, get off your backside and start your own so you can discuss subjects dear to your heart such as Race, Muslims, Poles, corruption etc, whatever turns you on, but no, you won't do that, it's easier to sit back, let others do the hard work and then snipe from the sidelines, slagging folks off behind the shield of anonimity.

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear!!

Tom said...

Tim's comment was removed by myself as I felt it had nothing worthy to say about the subject of the post.

Dave did a cracking job with this post, he took his camera out with him to get these shots after a request in the comments. It shows that we go out of our way when we can, Most of the work now is split between Nancy and Dave... Paul and myself chipping in when we can.

We all have personal lives, other interests, families, friends and far more worth while things to do with our time than to keep checking the comments for insults and such like.
One of the background jobs I did today was empty our 'Spam' bin.. each and every day these comments come in and over time our Spam Filter recognises most of this trash. Today I removed 5 days worth... and the number of Spam comments was 327.
That is just one of the jobs that need doing behind the scene.

To all you who have come to our defence I thank you... to the one/ones who keep spoiling others enjoyment please stop... at one time I did think we had a troll or two, but I now think we have someone that is the type of person who puts up a front to blend into polite society while scheming to offend at every chance, but doing so anonymously. The type of personality disorder that rings 999 and makes false calls then sits back to watch the result of their lies from afar.
Please be brave and start sending your insults and such like to me personally by email... Subject Line.. for the attention of Tom.
I promise to get back to you and discuss your thinking in the manner you wish.

Anonymous said...

born and bred in newton sorry to say took pot shots at the soldier when i was a kid but never managed to do damage (bad shot!). but do remember when you caught the bus , you asked for the fare to the headless soldier and all the drivers knew which stop you wanted.