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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Gee Cross Labour Club Outings


We recently received this email from Ken Smith.
Over to Ken....

"My whole family were very much involved with Gee Cross Labour Club over much of my lifetime and I found reading the recent blog very interesting and nostalgic. I was a regular visitor, along with my parents, throughout my childhood and attach several photographs dating back to the late 1940's and 1950's that may be of interest to some of your followers.

Photograph No.1 dates from about 1950 and is of the group of children taken on the annual day trip to Blackpool. Yours truly under the 'Luxury Travel' notice to the right of the tall girl with the hair ribbon with the Belle Vue Aces badge in the lapel."


 "The remaining three photographs are of 'day trips', which were a regular occurrence back in the fifties and sixties when car ownership was rare and were, and no doubt still are, an excuse for friends to gather and have a good old knees-up!"



Outing to Sheffield.

Many Thanks Ken, great memories. :)


Anonymous said...

Only ever went to this place once, in the late 80's for a 21st. Well out of the way of my regular haunts.

Though, strangely enough, I did pass here on the bus last Friday, and I saw two guys inspecting the gable end.
It looks as though it's been re-rendered and painted.

I don't know what the plans are for this building, maybe someone can inform me

Tom said...

The last time I was here it was to attend a Wake.. quite fitting as the club closed not that long after... I know the plan were in the paper a while back. I'm sure it was a mixture of conversion and rebuild..