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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Then...and now !

The site of Hyde Mill (or Pattreioux or Senior Service as it was commonly known), in Newton before it was demolished in 2009/10 ..


Now you see it...


...and now you don't.

I still think they should have kept the tower as part of the housing estate as it was a very well known landmark and would have given a bit of character to the place.


Bill Lancashire said...

I went into the old mill on many occasions when it was occupied by Premier Educational, now Findel, shortly before they sold the mill and built their new headquarters on what was the bowling green.

Premier used the building for offices and warehousing and it was quite eyrie walking round the spacious, original machine rooms with their stone floors and cast iron pillars thinking about all the looms and the people from Hyde who used to work there. By the time I used to go, the massive basement rooms were only used for warehousing and they were piled high with boxes of merchandise destined for schools and nurseries etc.

I like the idea of keeping the tower though with its Iconic HYDE emblazoned against the red brick. Pity the developers never thought of it. They probably did though and decided that they could get another three houses on the land that it occupied.

Trish said...

I quite agree with you, in fact Senior Service should never have been knocked down!

Anonymous said...

hello eveyone
eileen from bolton here.although i didn't work there i will always remember the smell. the wigley family could smell it at cheetham fold road. it reminded me of toasted tea cakes! the building was a beauty - it was well looked after - you wouldn't think it was over 100 years old. i used to pass the mill everyday from 1975-1979. you could get a good view of it from werneth low, particularly when it was lit up for the night shift. you could see the blue senior service sign as well.

talking of smells - when the wind was in the wrong direction what about the "kingston stink?" this horrid smell came from the bone yard off manchester road, where scrap bones were made into glue. sometimes you could smell it all day - most times you did't get a wiff for months. i'm glad i did't live on manchester road!

Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz. I used to live on Barleycroft Rd and play around Harbour Farm rd and down by the Mill in the years 1953 - 56. I'm not sure but I think it could have still been a cotton mill then.

Anonymous said...

I worked at Findel Education for six years before it closed in 2008,it indirectly resulted in me leaving Hyde, that and my wife wanting to move away from the area.