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Thursday, 15 November 2012

The old Zion Congregational Church building

 The old Zion Congregational Church, Stockport Road, Hyde.
What an imposing building it was in its day !


This photo was taken in the late 1970's/ early 1980's.
Note the old waterboard building in the background, too.

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Werneth Low said...

What a lovely photo this is, and taken from an unusual angle to include the pumping station. I have vivid memories of being at Zion one evening in the late 60s/early 70s at some sort of function in the hall and seeing the beam engine rising and falling through the window of the pumping station on the other side of the train track.

Anonymous said...

hello everyone - eileen from bolton here. this looks like the same building we school girls from leigh street sec' used to go to to do our needle work. that must have been from september 1962-63. it was very old fashioned with old fashioned funtiture and it was very, very cold. fancy walking all the way up stockport road every week just for two hours learning. everytime i see a picture of this building now it makes me shiver! we moved in to new accomadation in 1963, we had two lovely big rooms above the school science lab next to the gym

waterman said...

Excellent picture, with regard to the beam engine in Lumn Rd pump Station, I would love to know what type it was and how it worked. I've spoken to the chap who his involved with the nursery and he also recalls there being a beam engine in the pump station. The modern day pumps look out of place in such a great old building!

Tom said...

Hello 'Eileen From Bolton'... or should I say 'big sis' ha!
Nice to see you commenting at last.... have you been having lessons Eileen?

Anonymous said...

hello tom. ha! ha! eileen from bolton here! you must have missed my comment about werneth low last week.
hope to come down to hyde this weekend. it would be mum's birthday on sunday so will bring some flowers. hope to meet up, if the weather good i'll be going for a short walk. any suggestions? i'm hoping to see whats been happening on the ashton brothers site. no doubt it will be sad for me after working there from 1966-77. see you soon