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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Artist and Artwork

A while back I asked if anyone had drawings or painting by Hyde artists, Hyde seems to have been blessed with artist. Marjorie Robinson responded and has sent in 6 paintings 3 of which are her own. Enjoy.

By George Wain

Marjorie says - Mr Wain did it specially for me after I had seen a similar one in one of his exhibitions. In the original the fairies were wearing clothes but those in mine are not! Typical of his sense of humour! It used to hang by our phone but my husband found it somewhat distracting during a phone call so I had to move it.

By George Wain

This is a portrait in pastel that he did of my two daughters when they were young.

Owen Traynor

The third is by Owen Traynor, another of George Wain's pupils at Hyde Grammar. It is of Ashford in the Water. We bought it because some of my husband's ancestors are buried in the churchyard there. Owen is a member of the Royal Watercolour Society and well known in the area.

George Wain was Marjorie's art master at the Grammar School, and the 3 following pictures are her own work... thank you Marjorie for sharing these.

By Marjorie Robinson

By Marjorie Robinson

By Marjorie Robinson

The next 5 pictures are from Paul Taylor's archives... cheers Paul

 Gee Cross in 1901
By Barbara Sole (1988)

The Red Lion, Stockport Road Gee Cross in 1906
By Joyce Mills (1987)

Town Hall & Market, Hyde
By Jim Andrew

Holy Trinity Church, Gee Cross
By Barbara Sole (1993)

Hoviley Area sketch for painting
By I Blurton (1980)

  A, Ward’s cake shop corner George St & Hoviley brow

  B, Oldham & Fogg hat manufacturers
  C, Calico Printers Association (C.P.A)
  D, Butterworth’s Clog Shop
  E, Hoviley Methodist’s Church

If you would like to share other artwork by Hyde artists, or artwork of Hyde then please send it in and I can do another post.


Marjorie said...

Some great sketches here. Love the detail in them.

Dave B said...

can't fault any of these pictures all of them interesting with good detail. Ashford in the water, near Bakewell isn't it?
One note.. Ford transit mini-bus has possibly travelled through a time portal and is now parked up behind the telegraph pole in the GX 1901 sketch...

David Davidson said...

4 years late but by Dad has brought one of G.Wain's pastel portraits recently 'Little Indian Girl' can anyone tell me more about the artist?