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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Market Street Building plaques

    There are quite a number of stone plaques set in buildings on Market St, some old some new. I photographed most if not all of them a couple of years ago. I will put the locations of them after the last photo, just in case you want to guess where they are located. Some are obvious others less so. If anyone thinks I have missed one please let me know. Thanks

1, Slack View last shop/house Market St, just before new estate, which was the old Slack Mills

2, Hyde Equitable Co-operative Society building, corner of Market St and Greenfield St, now Wilkinsons Store. 

3, Exchange Building 1876, lower Market St above Luxury Linen Shop.

4, Town Hall Buildings 1888, Market St above Yorkshire Bank

5, Town Hall Buildings 1889, Market St above Absolute Hair and Beauty

6, AD 2006, Top end of Market St on right, new building now Age UK

7, Hyde Equitable Co-operative Society Building, corner of Market St and Queen St
8, Benevolent Building 1834, above 2 shops junction Market St and Nelson St, Chandlers and Abbey framing


Chris Han said...

Nice post.
I must say it's a nice touch, and a pleasant surprise to see that the architect of the Age UK building decided to add a date plaque to his design.
It's a very rare thing to see these days, but then again many modern buildings are just thrown up without any real consideration or thought, and aren't worth dating

Tom said...

Excellent Paul.. I've often wondered at the Town Hall buildings, and why they got named that... I've not seen anything about them being used as a town hall.. Can anyone enlighten me?

Rock Ape said...

Is that little figure still above one of the shops just down from Greenfield st,it was like a roman/greek warrior with a club in its hand!??
Any ideas?

Werneth Low said...

I always thought they were the town hall buildings because they stand almost alongside it. I wonder if they coincide date-wise too.

Tom said...

Rock Ape.. Glad to say that I was looking at it last week, and what a coincidence I have today been comparing it with a few statues of Hercules, but still can't make my mind up about it. There's a post with some close up picture I took of it on the blog somewhere..

Rock Ape said...

Cheers Tom,nice one.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Hi Tom! I hope all is well with you. I visit you Hyde site once in a while.

It must be interesting to live where there is so much history. Here there have only been settlements for 150 years. Even though the fur traders passed through here for about 400 years. A lot of our communities were made of wood. Many do no last long as industries come and go, (forestry and mining) They often burn done by accident or on purpose. as people move on. There are lots of ghost town. We have one only five miles from here. It was a going concern about 70 years ago. Now it is just a few scattered houses, no businesses. I regret that not enough of our history is preserved.

Tom said...

Hi Philip.... Thank you for taking time out to leave me a comment I shall now go and return the visit...

Dave Williams said...

This is the old post about the statue of "Hercules" from back in July 2010.

Tom said...

Thank you... I did try to find it last night but couldn't... Maybe the labels could do with an up date. ..

I'm sure there's another post with some close ups as well..