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Friday, 4 October 2013

Flowery Field Demolition Stirs Memories

Today post comes from Marjorie

Here are some photos I took when they were demolishing Flowery Field School, in the early 1990s  I was sad to see it go as I had spent many happy hours there.

This one shows the Infant department on the left and the Junior department on the right.

This shows the gates at the end of the street. Behind them is what used to be the junior boys' playground.

This is a view across the junior girls' playground.  The building on the right was the cloakroom which had rows of pegs on which to hang our coats.  At the far end are the remains of the toilets, girls on the left, boys on the right.  This playground seemed enormous when I was at school there and I was surprised to discover how small it really was.  There used to be a "Scholarship Board" which hung on the wall of the hall, upstairs, with the names of all past pupils who had gained a scholarship to the Grammar School, in the days before the eleven plus exam. Does anyone know what happened to it? Or to the large memorial in the Infant department which was, I think, to one of the Ashton's?

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